Friday, July 24, 2009

Brief Intro Of Characters

Open on Chet Soda, roughly between the ages of 19 and 76, a Taurus by profession.  He lays sprawled, pantless on a series of unsheeted mattresses that cover the entire floor length of his studio apartment.

In walk his boys, four in number, and each carrying a load of books bound with leather belts.  They are: Graham 11, Najide-Hasapeedapedelon 16, Bruiser 22, Sergeant 50.  As with every afternoon upon returning from school, they remove their shoes and pants and join their father in a circle around the hibachi grill which lies in a cut out in the middle of the mattresses.

As if this scene weren’t picturesque enough we now introduce Larry Ingleberry.  He’s just come back from cashing his bi-monthly mesothelioma settlement check.  And removing his pants takes his place among the happy grillers.  His boys are late in arriving because bowling practice ran late after school and in his check cashing induced mania Larry forgot to pick them up, (read; meet them at the bus stop).  Hence they were wandering around the hallways of the complex for a good twenty minutes.  Larry’s boys are as follows; Barns 6-11, Eight 18, Maple 42.

The My Boys and Me Clan is now complete.  Pantless, they sit laughing and joshing and grilling up tonight’s dinner.  Looks like chicken, but uh oh!  Where’s the BBQ sauce!?

The wizard hid it!  The wizard who comes out of the bathroom laughing with a crudely drawn treasure map that appears to indicate the BBQ sauce’s location.

This is the dream.

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